Guide To Drainfield Repairs And Upgrades To Prevent Plumbing Problems And Costly Repairs

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When you have an older home, sometimes septic systems are also old and outdated too. This can be a problem when the septic system begins to cause problems with the plumbing in your home. Some of the repairs that often need to be done include septic drainfield repairs. When you are having your drainfield repaired, there are also improvements that can help prevent future problems. The following guide to septic drainfield repairs will help you choose the right improvements to prevent problems in the future.

Inspect The Septic Tank and Drainfield To Locate The Problems And Determine Their Cause

You are going to want to begin by inspecting the septic drainfield for problems. First, you may want to have the tank pumped and then inspect it and the drainfield. Often, problems with drainfields cause the waste to buildup and overburden the system. Therefore, you may need to have the tank upgraded, as well as repairs and improvements to the drainfield design.

Evaluate The Septic Tank And Decide If It Is Undersized Or If Distribution Systems Need To Be Installed

Sometimes, the problem may be due to your septic tank and drainfield being undersized and outdated. Therefore, you will want to evaluate the tank and talk to the septic system repair contractor about options for improvements that include:

  • Secondary waste treatment tanks
  • Pump tanks for better distribution
  • Distribution box for the drainfield

These improvements can help improve the distribution of waste liquids to the drainfield to improve the performance of your septic system drainfield.

Perform Soil Percolation Tests To Determine What Type Of Septic Drainfield You Need

Another important task that needs to be done when doing the drainfield repairs is a percolation test. This is a test of the filtration of waste liquids through the soil. The percolation test can tell you about the soil saturation, as well as the type of drainfield improvements that may be needed when you have repairs done.

Consider Options For Modern Septic Drainfields 

Sometimes, older systems may require increased capacity for the drainfield. This could be a good time to consider improvements like installing liners, improving the percolation with filtration medium, and installing better drain tiles for an improved septic drainfield design and fewer problems in the future.

These are some of the things that you want to know about septic drainfield repairs and improvements to prevent problems and costly repairs. If you are having problems with your septic system, contact a septic tank drainfield repair service for help with repairs and improvements that your system needs.

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