Three Reasons You Might Want A Fence At One End Of Your Deck

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When you're figuring out plans for a deck that a local contractor will build for you, there are many design details to consider. You'll generally want some type of railing around the deck, but this isn't the only perimeter feature to consider. In some scenarios, it might be practical to erect a fence along the edge of part of your deck. While you probably won't want a full fence around the entire deck, positioning this element strategically can improve the functionality of the space in a number of ways. Here are three reasons to consider a fence on your deck.

Increased Privacy

Perhaps the biggest benefit that a fence at one end of your deck provides is a high degree of privacy. This can be a feature that you find particularly appealing when your deck will be visible to your neighbors. Even if you get along well with them, you might want to have privacy when you're sitting outside. A fence on the edge of your deck that faces your neighbor's home or yard will block the neighbor's line of sight and allow you to spend time on the deck without feeling as though others might be watching you.

Wind Blockage

If you frequently get heavy winds blowing across your yard, a fence at one end of your deck can be an asset for blocking the gusts. Wind may especially be an issue if you have an open field beside your home, as the wind can blow across it without having any structure block it before it reaches your property. Sitting out on your deck on a windy day could be unpleasant. For example, if you're trying to eat, small particles of airborne sand could land in your food because of the wind. A fence that faces the side from which the wind usually gusts will make it possible to comfortably sit outside on windy days.

Support For Climbing Plants

A lot of people enjoy having plants on their decks, and it often makes sense to choose climbing plants. As they grow, they'll extend upward — rather than outward and take up valuable space on your deck. If you want to have a climbing plant, it needs something to climb. A fence at one of the deck can be a perfect structure against which to situate your potted plants. They will grab onto the fence and grow upward in the weeks after you plant them.

To learn more about your options for deck construction, contact a contractor in your area.

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