Do You Need To Replace Your Home's Siding?

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Choosing to replace your old and outdated exterior siding with brand-new vinyl siding can prove to be extremely beneficial in a number of different ways. New vinyl siding can boost your property value, increase the exterior insulation of your home, cut down on your overall maintenance costs, and more. However, as a homeowner, you probably don't want to make this type of investment until you absolutely have to. So, how do you know when you need to? Here are three signs to keep an eye out for that will let you know when your home's exterior siding needs to be replaced.

The Siding Is Loose or Cracked

Your siding should be inspected on a regular basis, and when you notice that a couple of the boards are loose or cracking, you will need to replace them. Now, if the layers beneath these boards are not also damaged, you can get by with only replacing the actual siding. However, if the underlying material is also damaged, then you will need to replace it as well. Also, you will need to consider how large of a section is damaged, as you may be better off investing in a complete siding replacement.

The Siding Is Rotting

Siding is not on your home to only make it look fantastic, but it is also there to ensure your family remains safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, when your siding begins to rot, it can't do any of this. If you notice that your siding has started to rot, it will most definitely need to be replaced, as there is no saving it. If the damage is dry rot, you may be unable to notice it from the outside, so you should use a screwdriver and poke beneath the siding boards every once in a while to locate any soft areas.

The Siding Is Bubbling

If you notice that your siding is beginning to bubble, then this is indicative of moisture beneath the boards. The siding is placed on the outside of your home to protect it from moisture; it is not supposed to trap the moisture. If this type of issue is not promptly taken care of, more serious damage could occur, such as mildew, mold, or rot. Bubbling siding is a definite sign that you need to invest in new siding.

If you have noticed any of the aforementioned signs with your home's siding, get in touch with a siding company like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements sooner rather than later to schedule an inspection and a siding replacement.

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