Pavement Cracks And Filling Them To Extend The Life Of Driveways And Hardscaping

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When there are cracks in the pavement around your home, you want to fix them before they get worse. You will want to fill the cracks to stop them from growing into a bigger problem. To repair the cracks, you will want to use a crack filler that is designed for the type of materials you are repairing. You may also want to hide the unsightly repairs after filling the cracks. The following information will help you repair cracks to ensure pavement lasts:

Filling Concrete Cracks to Stop Damage

The pavement around your home is made of common pavement materials that crack. When filling the cracks in concrete, you want to make sure you use the right type of filler. With asphalt, the sealant is an asphalt-based filler. When you are filling concrete cracks, the filler has to have adhesive properties that bond the materials back together.

Asphalt Crack Filler to Repair Damaged Pavement

The filler that you will use to repair asphalt pavement will be a little different. These are asphalt-based or asphalt-like fillers that seal the cracks. They bond the crack back together and seal it from water to prevent weather damage. The asphalt repairs can sometimes be messy and unsightly if you are not careful with the crack filler. It is easier to tape off the crack and then apply the filler to avoid making a big mess.

Sealing and Hiding Repairs to Concrete Materials

After repairing cracked concrete, you want the surface to look like new again. With concrete, there are a few things that you can do to hide old cracks that have been repaired. One option is to use a layover concrete finish that hides the damage. Another option is to use a seal coating to give the surface color and hide the repairs.

Seal Coating and Painting to Hide Asphalt Pavement Repairs

The asphalt repairs are also unsightly blemishes on pavements that you may want to hide. This can be done with a special asphalt seal coating, which will give the pavement color and hide the cracks that have been filled. In addition, there are also options for asphalt paints that can help improve the appearance of pavements and hide old crack repairs.

The cracks in the pavement can be controlled if you fill them before they cause potholes and soil erosion problems. If you have cracked pavement to repair, contact a crack filler service like Specialty Construction Supply to get the repairs done before the cracks start to grow.

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