Water Pumps: Why Should You Dewater Your Construction Site?

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If you're excavating a large plot of land that sits near a pond or a lake, dewater the area before you complete your project. Some types of soil can collect or soak up large amounts of water over time. If you don't dewater the area with the right water pump system now, water could cause problems for you during and after construction. Learn why dewatering is important and the best water pumping system to use for it below.

Why Is Dewatering Important?

Dewatering is one of the best ways to make soil easier and safer to work with during construction. Water can slowly cause soil to erode. Soil erosion can damage or compromise buildings, roadways, and other structures. Some structures can collapse if the soil beneath them is weak or eroded.

Water can also make it very difficult for your workers to use their equipment in the excavation site safely. Soil can become muddy and slippery when it's wet. Your workers may struggle to move their equipment through the muddy conditions. Some of your workers may slip on the wet soil as well.

There may be other dangerous or costly problems you may encounter during and after construction. By dewatering your excavation site, you may overcome the obstacles you may potentially face later.

Which Dewatering System Should You Use?

There are different methods used to dewater soil, including water pumps. Water pumps allow you to suction up and push out water from different areas of the soil. The pumps may hide beneath the ground, or they may run closer to the surface of the ground. 

The type of pump you choose should meet the specifications of your worksite. For example, if groundwater is a major concern for you, use a submersible pump. You should also install a drainage port or line near the pump to help siphon water out of the soil. You can also use a wellpoint system to move groundwater from the soil. Wellpoint systems use a combination of pipes and pumps to pull water out of the ground. This type of system may require additional equipment to use properly. 

If the top or surface of the soil contains large amounts of water, use an above ground dewatering pump. The pump works best if there's very little underground water in the soil. If you don't know how much water lies beneath your excavation site, have it tested immediately.

You can find the dewatering pumping system you need for your excavation site by contacting a company like Coast Water Well Service Inc that provides water pump systems today.

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