How To Properly Maintain A Commercial Parking Lot

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If you own commercial property, such as an office building or retail shopping center, it's not just the buildings that you need to maintain — you also have to pay attention to parking lot maintenance. Repaving a large parking lot can be quite expensive, but properly caring for a commercial parking lot can ensure that it lasts for a very long time before it needs to be repaved. Failure to maintain a commercial parking lot can result in costly repairs, and the lot will not last as long as it could. Take the following steps to maintain the parking lot adjacent to your commercial property:

Stay On Top of Sealing

When a new parking lot is paved, the fresh asphalt is sealed to help protect its surface. However, the sealant used on asphalt does not last forever, so parking lots do need to be resealed. In most cases, a commercial parking lot should be resealed every couple of years. If you're not sure when your parking lot was last resealed, it is a good idea to hire a paving contractor to inspect the lot and determine if the sealant has worn off. Once you begin resealing your commercial parking lot, make sure that you stick to the schedule of doing so every couple of years.

Keep the Lot Clean

Many people do not realize that dirt and debris can damage the surface of asphalt and cause it to begin breaking down. This is one of the reasons that sweeping a parking lot on a regular basis is so important. Since commercial parking lots are often large in size, it doesn't make sense to try to keep the area clean using a broom. You are much better off making arrangements to have a street sweeper truck come to clean your parking lot on a regular basis.

Stay On Top of Repairs

In order to keep a commercial parking lot in good condition and ensure that it is easy for cars to drive and park on the asphalt, it is essential to repair small issues promptly so they don't develop into major problems. Small cracks should be filled quickly to help ensure that they don't grow in size. Small areas of damage to the surface of the parking lot also need to be filled. Failing to make repairs to small issues can lead to potholes and widespread damage that can be very expensive to fix.

Speak with a professional who provides commercial parking lot maintenance to learn what else you should do.

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