The Benefits of a Sump Pump for Basement Waterproofing and How a Sump Pump Is Installed

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If you're frustrated by a frequent wet basement and all the problems it brings, you may be considering options for waterproofing. One solution you may want to choose is to have a sump pump installed. Here's a look at the benefits of having a sump pump in your basement and an overview of what sump pump installation entails.

The Advantages of Having a Sump Pump

The purpose of a sump pump is to keep water from flooding your basement. It's a form of waterproofing since it pumps water out through a series of drains connected to a well. Although the contractor has to dig into the basement floor to install a sump pump, the overall installation process is usually less disruptive than installing a French drain outdoors.

Once a sump pump is installed, your basement will be kept dry. This controls mold, insect problems, foul odors, and even electrical problems caused by flooding. Plus, if you use your basement for storage or as a teen rec room, your furniture will be protected from a flooded basement.

The Sump Pump Installation Process

A sump pump is like an interior French drain. The contractor installs drains under the concrete slab near the walls of your basement. The drains are lower than your foundation so that water enters the drains before it reaches the floor of your basement.

Water in the drains rolls toward a well where it collects until the pump kicks on and sends the water outside. You can buy a battery backup for your sump pump so it continues to operate even if the power goes out. Your sump pump kicks on and off when water leaks in your basement and is routed to the well, but the pump may be on standby most of the time if water is only a threat to your basement when it rains.

There are different types of pumps you can buy, but they come in two basic models. One is a submersible pump that is placed in the well or basin where water collects. The other is a pedestal pump that sits on the floor of your basement so the motor stays dry. Each has their pros and cons, so you may need your contractor to help you chose the type of pump and the best way to have it installed.

A sump pump is an effective way to keep your basement dry, so you may want to choose this method of interior basement waterproofing to end your wet basement issues for good. To learn more about sump pump installation, contact contractors near you. 

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