Choose A Solid Surface Shower For A Luxury Look At A More Affordable Cost

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If you're remodeling your shower and looking for a good material to use on the floor and walls, consider solid surface panels. These are the same material solid surface countertops are made of, and they are durable and attractive. Here are some reasons to choose a solid surface shower over stone or porcelain tiles for your shower.

There Are No Grout Lines

Solid surface showers don't have grout lines that collect mildew and dirt. Your contractor may order custom-made panels that don't require seams or they may join the seams in ways that make them invisible so there are no grooves to collect water or soap scum. This makes your shower more sanitary and easier to clean.

Damage Can Be Sanded Out

A benefit of a solid surface shower is that surface damage and stains can be sanded out so you don't have to replace the panel or live with an ugly imperfection. This ensures your shower stays attractive even when accidents happen that leave stains behind.

Solid Surface Showers Come In Different Styles

You can buy plain white panels for your shower or you can buy panels in various solid colors. Plus, some panels have patterns that make them look like granite or marble. You can have the look of a luxury shower while using a solid surface material that is easier to clean and care for. Solid surface showers are not porous, and that means you'll never have to seal the shower as you would if you used real granite or marble.

Shower Pans Can Be Customized

Solid surface shower pans can be formed into custom dimensions so you end up with a shower that functions just the way you need it to. You might want a shallow pan so you can easily step over it or roll into your shower in a wheelchair. Solid surface material can even be shaped into a matching sink so you can make your shower walls, floor, shower pan, bathtub, and sink coordinate with each other.

You can choose a finish that is glossy so you don't have to give up the sheen you love from natural stone. However, if you prefer, you can buy matte material instead that has a flat look without a shine. If you're unsure of the look you want for your shower, visit a showroom where you can look at samples of different colors and patterns of solid surface panels. Plus, be sure to compare prices as solid surface showers usually cost less than granite and other luxury tiles.

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