Travel Trailer Renovation Ideas For A Photographer

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If you're an avid photographer who enjoys shooting for fun and perhaps even as an occasional secondary source of income, it can be fun to turn a classic aluminum travel trailer into a space that supports this interest. You can buy a used trailer and find a company that specializes in this type of renovation. For your trailer to support your photography hobby, there are a number of different ideas that you can consider. Here are three things that you may wish to have in this mobile space.

Lots Of Storage

It's common for avid photographers to own a lot of camera gear. For example, you may own several camera bodies, a large selection of lenses, and a multitude of accessories, such as tripods, filters, flashes, and more. All of this gear can take up a significant amount of space, so it's important for your renovated travel trailer to have plenty of room for storage. A combination of open and enclosed built-in shelving units can work well. You can keep the gear that you frequently use on the open shelves and use the enclosed shelves for the equipment that you want to have in the trailer but that you don't use as often.

Custom Windows

Your renovation company can add extra windows to your travel trailer, which can add a valuable source of natural light to this space. It's customary for windows to have screens, but you may wish to order custom windows that have screens that are easy to remove. This feature will allow you to shoot photos through the windows, which can come in handy in all sorts of scenarios. For example, if you enjoy wildlife photography, you can set up the trailer in an area where you want to do some shooting and position your camera gear inside of the space. This way, you'll not only stay out of the elements, but you'll avoid startling the animals you wish to photograph.


Although you probably use a digital camera for a lot of your photos, you may occasionally enjoy shooting on film. Many photographers favor this old-school method, and if you're among this group, you may want a darkroom in your trailer. Your renovation company can build a small, enclosed space that you can use as a darkroom to develop your film. Darkrooms don't need to be very big; typically, you'll just need space for a small counter and a sink. For anyone who loves shooting on film, it can be exciting to have a mobile darkroom instead of having to wait to use your darkroom at home.

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