3 Things You Can Discover With A Sewer Camera Inspection

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The days of randomly guessing why your sewer line might be clogging are long gone. Modern plumbers use sewer line cameras to help diagnose numerous issues, avoiding the trial and error that can come with eliminating stubborn clogs. Not only do these tools help quickly locate a problem, but they can also discover the cause of many recurring issues.

These tools are particularly critical when repeatedly clearing a line fails to solve an issue. Hydro jetting and other sewer clog clearing methods can be costly, so it's often cheaper to use an inspection camera to determine the underlying cause of reoccurring blockages. If you're having repeated issues with your sewer line, here are three things that a camera inspection might uncover.

1. Unexpected Connections

Most homeowners don't have detailed records for every bit of work performed on their property. In some cases, documentation may not even exist for ancient easements or sewer connections. Many houses use common sewer lines with laterals that connect to multiple dwellings, even though these pipes may not be larger than those that serve a single household.

If you're having problems with your sewer, a line inspection can reveal these connections and help you understand if your issues might be due to faulty connections or heavy usage by other houses on your line. Although responsibility can sometimes be complex to determine in these situations, it's still crucial to recognize exactly where your sewer problems may be occurring.

2. Small Blockages or Build-Up

Sewer clogs often start small and build up over time. Your drains may continue to flow freely, even as grease and debris collect along the inner walls of your pipes. Unfortunately, these problems almost always get worse over time. Those greasy layers act as sticky traps, grabbing solid waste that flows across them. Eventually, your drains may start running slowly or stop altogether.

An inspection can reveal these problems, letting you know that you need a thorough sewer cleaning. If you have frequent clogs, a video inspection can help you understand why they're happening so you can alter your behavior to prevent future clogs. In many cases, simply adjusting what you flush down your drains can save you significant amounts of money in future repairs.

3. Collapsed Pipes

Partially collapsed pipes can often be incredibly challenging to detect without a sewer inspection. Water may still flow through the remaining section of the sewer line, but the collapsed section will act as a partial obstruction. This situation can lead to frequent drain cleanings that temporarily resolve the blockage, only for it to return in a few days or weeks.

A video inspection will reveal the underlying problem as well as its location. This information allows you to fix your sewer line as cheaply as possible since your plumber can precisely locate where they'll need to dig to replace the collapsed pipe segment.

For more information about video sewer inspection services, reach out to a local contractor.

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