2 Steps To Care For Your Land Drainage

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There are limitless benefits and reasons to install land drains. Some benefits include:

  • Land drains ensure proper soil aeration

  • Land drains minimize risks of soil spillage in sloppy areas

  • Land drains prevent soil erosion

  • Land drains extends your farming season

But still, you must invest in good land drainage maintenance to enjoy the above benefits. In addition, proper land drain care boosts the system's efficiency and longevity.

Discover some tips to care for your land drainage below.

1. Clear Debris From the Watercourse 

A land drainage system aims to drain excess water from your land or building. Therefore, the drains will not direct water from your property if the watercourse is dirty or clogged. Consequently, the clogs may lead to floods and soil quality damages.

One way to identify if you have a clogged watercourse is standing water. Efficient land drains should collect rainwater and excess yard irrigation water and direct it downhill.

Failure to rectify this problem soon will comprise the health and growth of your plants. First, waterlogs prevent the plants from getting sufficient nutrients. In addition, your plant roots won't get adequate oxygen, which may cause the roots to die.

In the case of a construction site, standing water will cause the foundation to wear prematurely. It's also nearly impossible to build a strong foundation, which compromises the safety of your building.

If you notice patches of standing water in the low areas of your land, you could be dealing with a clogged watercourse. Contact a land drainage specialist for inspection to rule out debris as they cause standing water.

The specialist will ensure that the watercourse or ditch is free from debris and silt and running freely.

2. Pay Attention to the Soil Quality

The soil quality and structure determine the effectiveness of your land drainage system. Therefore, you should pay attention to the soil structure to identify signs of problematic drainage systems. For instance, wet spots and poor cropping may signify slow drainage.

These aspects should guide you when deciding where to explore when looking for problems. It's best to carry out land drain maintenance when the soil is in its best or favorable condition. This step ensures that you don't create more problems trying to fix one.

Land drainage is critical for a productive yard and a safe construction site. Therefore, don't overlook minor problems like slow drainage and water logs. Instead, contact expert land drainage contractors to inspect your drains and rectify issues before they escalate to costly issues.

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