Asphalt Driveway Construction Tips To Boost Performance And Increase Durability

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The strength, resilience, and durability of asphalt make it an excellent material for residential driveway construction. Asphalt paving also has a beautiful black color and a smooth surface that can improve the curb appeal of your home's outdoor space. However, the performance of an asphalt driveway heavily depends on the construction project. Poor planning and improper construction can leave you with a weak driveway that will crack within a few years of installation. Therefore, consider these construction tips to boost the performance and durability of your new driveway.

Examine the Impact of Heavy Machinery 

The weight of heavy machinery on asphalt paving can drastically reduce the material's lifespan. Heavy traffic loads gradually cause permanent deformation of the paving surface. Therefore, before constructing your driveway, determine the type of vehicles that will access it. If you intend to use heavy machinery on your property, you need to take proper measures to protect the asphalt from rutting.

For example, you can use a thicker layer of asphalt for the construction. Thick asphalt can handle heavier loads without suffering deformations. You can also use driveway protection mats whenever you have heavy machinery on the property to protect your driveway from premature damage.

Add a Gradient to the Driveway

Standing water is a leading cause of damage to asphalt paving. Stagnant water slowly seeps into the asphalt's foundation and weakens it. As a result, hairline cracks develop on the surface and widen to become cracks and potholes. Therefore, your driveway design should include a plan for proper drainage. Your best option is to add a gradient to the paving, so rainwater can be shed easily from the driveway into your storm drains. 

However, if sloping the driveway isn't an option, install a drainage channel covering the entire driveway's width. A drainage channel collects water and redirects it to a storm drain, a lawn, or a soakaway system. Alternatively, use permeable asphalt that allows water to drain through the paving and into a stone bed below the surface. However, you must design the correct depth of the stone bed to ensure proper drainage and prevent water from rising above the surface.

Find the Right Asphalt Mix for the Project

The standard asphalt mix is a hot mix heated to a predetermined temperature and laid while hot. However, this mix is only ideal for use during the summer months. If you use hot mix asphalt when it's cold, the base will dry too quickly, resulting in undesirable results. For cold weather, use a warm mix to avoid premature drying. Therefore, talk to your contractor to determine the best blend based on the prevailing weather during the installation day.

Keep these things in mind when constructing a new asphalt driveway. Work with a professional contractor to achieve a durable driveway.

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