Experiencing Homebuying Hesitation? Maybe It's Time To Consider New House Construction

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The shrinking inventory of existing homes has made the home buying process extremely difficult for many families across the nation. With more buyers than available homes, competition for the best homes has made it necessary for some buyers to make purchase offers with little time to view the listing. If you are a homebuyer who has become frustrated with the current real estate market, here are some good reasons to consider new house construction.

Less competition 

While contractors who specialize in new house construction are also in demand, their business model ensures that the homebuyer's overall experience will be much less competitive than attempting to purchase an existing home. Instead of frantically watching for new listings to appear that might fit their needs, homebuyers who choose to build are able to make important choices during the design and building process. In some instances, the builder may even be able to help them acquire the lot or land where the new home will be constructed without their having to shop the real estate market to find one. 

More control 

Homebuyers who shop for an existing home in today's market often feel that they must bid more than they can comfortably afford in order to improve their chances when competing against other equally qualified buyers. When working with a new construction builder, however, homebuyers will be able to have much more control over both the final cost and the building process and design.

With the ability to make decisions ranging from the size of the home to the type and quality of building materials and interior finishes that will be used, homebuyer satisfaction at the end of the process can be much higher than the satisfaction of buyers who purchase an existing home. 

Extended benefits

By purchasing a new construction house, homebuyers are also able to extend some of the benefits of their decision over many years of ownership. For example, a new construction home typically offers the new owners years of freedom from worrying about roof or flooring replacement, exterior painting, and expensive repairs to the plumbing, heating, electrical, and other major systems of the home. 

In addition to financial considerations, a newly constructed home can also help to ensure that family members with some types of allergies are free from pet and rodent dander and other allergens that are often present in an existing home. If you are tired of competing with other buyers for a home that you hope will fit your needs, it is time to leave the existing home market and make an appointment to talk with a new home construction contractor in your area. 

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