An Asphalt Paving Contractor Might Recommend Resurfacing As A Way To Revitalize Your Parking Lot

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When your asphalt parking lot is faded, cracked, and has a few potholes, it's time to take action so you can save your lot and save money by avoiding the need to replace it. Replacing a parking lot is disruptive since it makes a lot of noise and upends your usual routine. It could also create problems with parking.

A solution to discuss with your asphalt paving contractor is resurfacing. Instead of tearing out the old asphalt and building a new lot, the contractor adds new asphalt to the top of your old parking lot so it looks new. Since the old asphalt isn't torn out first, the process is less disruptive. Here's a look at how asphalt paving is done when your lot is resurfaced.

The Work Can Be Done In Stages

When resurfacing is being done, cars and people need to stay away from the area until the work is done and the asphalt has dried. This could be a few days depending on weather conditions and how fast the crew works.

If you won't need the lot for employees and customers to park in during that time, the asphalt paving contractor can do the entire lot at once. However, you'll probably need at least part of the lot so there are enough parking spaces to use. You and the asphalt paving contractor can decide how much of the lot to close off so work can be done in phases until the entire lot is finished.

New Asphalt Is Applied To the Lot

Before the new asphalt is put on the parking lot, the contractor has to shave off some of the old lot. If they didn't, the new lot would be higher and no longer even with curbs and exits. Plus, shaving makes the asphalt surface rough so the new asphalt bonds a little better.

Asphalt resurfacing is similar to paving a new lot in that the new hot asphalt is applied and spread over the area. Once that's done, the asphalt is compacted so the asphalt surface is made stronger and more durable. The final step is letting the asphalt dry so cars won't leave tracks on it when they park.

A Sealcoat Might Help The Asphalt Last Longer

Your asphalt paving contractor may talk to you about maintaining your new asphalt. Sealcoating is often advised since the coating blocks UV rays and rain. This could help your parking lot last longer. Your contractor lets you know when sealcoating can be done, since they may want the asphalt to cure completely first. Also, sealcoating has to be put on in mild weather, so you may need to let winter pass so the coating can be applied when it gets warm again.

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